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Title: Sky Board

Medium: Slate . Steel . Chalk


• Hand carved functional, solid slate chalk board from the artist's
interactive series.

• Hand carved Trajan letters "SKY" with bas relief carving of swallow in lower corner.

• Chalk swallows by the artist. 10 swallows are included with the piece.(The Sky is Open to Those with Wings.)

• Custom fabricated stand and lamp are included with the slate chalkboard.

•  25 1/2  x  81" hi (not including lamp at top.) Footprint of steel stand is 15 x 19".

• Wire and steel birds nest in left hand corner holds swallows of chalk.

• Both stone and stand are signed by the artist.

• Card detailing the process  is included.


*Due to the complexity and shipping costs of large/heavy work,

pickup at studio is an option.

Please email before placing order

and a link to this listing WITHOUT shipping

charges will be emailed to you.


Free delivery within a 100 mile radius of Asheville NC.


Thank you, kindly.



Letters hand carved are very much a lost art.
What one commonly sees today are sandblasted letters 
using mechanical methods(rubber templates and very little time)
They are static and still, and to this artist's way of thinking,
have no soul.

Keeping the letters alive by first painting the letters 
with brush and then carving the letters with hammer and chisel.
No computers.
This is how it was done in Greek and Roman times.
When one visits old graveyards hand carved
v-incised letters can still be seen.

"To Those With Wings" hand carved large slate chalkboard

SKU: SlateChalkBoard
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