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Title: Sky Bowl ©

Medium: Marble . Steel . Branch


• Hand shaped marble bowl with Trajan letters "SKY"
HAND CARVED into concave bowl with hammer and chisel.

• Steel receiving insert for inserting desired natural element
tightens with permanent thumbscrew at back.

• 41" hi, marble bowl is 10 x 10 x 4 1/2" in thickness.

• Both stone bowl and steel stand are signed.

• Card included detailing the process.

• There is a back story to the piece of marble I
used for this piece. 
Back in the 90's I had a marble sign
at my previous studio.
When I moved, I brought the sign
with and decided to up cycle it.
On the reverse/bottom of the bowl
parts of the original letters can still be seen.

*Due to the cost and difficulties of shipping heavy,

larger work,
pickup at the studio is always an option.
Please email, before ordering

and a link to this listing WITHOUT shipping charges

will be emailed to you.


Free delivery within a 50 mile radius

of Asheville NC.

Thank you, kindly.


Letters hand carved are very much a lost art.
What one commonly sees today are sandblasted letters 
using mechanical methods(rubber templates and very little time)
They are static and still, and to this artist's way of thinking,
have no soul.

Keeping the letters alive by first painting the letters 
with brush and then carving the letters with hammer and chisel.
No computers.
This is how it was done in Greek and Roman times.
When one visits old graveyards hand carved
v-incised letters can still be seen.


"Sky Bowl" hand carved in marble

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