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Holy Bumblebee Bowl!


My sacred little pinch pot with my bumblebee sculpture on the side carrying a sprig of lavender or oregano or another of your most favorite of herbs!
O holy bee...
O holy salt...
O holy thyme...

Perfect for salt or pepper, sacred herbs--You decide!
A tiny loop of wire enables the bee to carry a sprig of something...oregano, lavendar.
(I include a sprig of lavender to get you started.)
And I have imprinted the word "holy" at the bottom
of this humble and holy pot.
I then seal with food grade beeswax.


My twig spoon is a possibility!

They make a lovely set and sell together for 48.00.

My Holy Bumble Bee Bowl and twig spoon are lovingly and thoughtfully made one bowl and one twig at a time here at my studio in the mountains of Appalachia. 
Each is kissed goodbye, packaged in a small box tied up with string(see last photo) and suitable for gifting.

These are limited edition
and is signed and numbered on the reverse.

Size approx. 3 x 2 1/2  x 2" hi

Sets of 3 or more may be ordered.
Simply send me an email and I'll get back to shortly.


1 to 2 bowls can be ordered through my etsy shop listing here:

(If not a live link, simply copy & past the line below into your browser window.)

I have been carving and sculpting bee's since the late 80's when
I had the very good fortune of caring for a hive.
Good stuff!

Bees to you!

--Stonecarver Collene Karcher

Holy Bumblebee Bowl concrete pinch pot for salt or spices

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