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A concrete screech owl wall sculpture with the word "holy." An owl sculpture with grape vine twigs.

FragMEANTS--Sometimes less is way more.

• Title: Screech Owl Holy Sentinel.

• Symbolism: Wisdom, Prosperity, Guidance.

• Medium: Cast white concrete . Grapevine . Wire . Paint

• Size: Approx. 8 1/2 x 10 inches

• Each FragMeant is signed by the artist
on the reverse.

• No two are the same.

• Wire hanger on the reverse.

• FragMEANT tag attached.

• This listing is for the sculpture
shown in these photos.


• Wire hanger on reverse.


My FragMEANT series began from
folks visiting the studio and
asking if they could purchase my
broken work or errors.

After a while I thought--Hmmmm.....

So began Frag"meants" from my
original garden sculpture series.
Each is different as I am only casting
partials in my original molds.
No two are the same
as I never know what exactly,
will come out of the mold.
Maybe something.
Maybe nothing.
I then stamp with letters,
messages, this and that...
In this instance, some grapevine.

These look great by themselves
or grouped hanging on a wall
or from pegs.

Cast white concrete.

FragMEANTS "Screech Owl" concrete wall hanging sculpture

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