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Title: First Star to the Right (MADE TO ORDER)

Medium: Pine . Hand carved v-incised letters with
mallet and chisel


• Altho mainly a stone carver 
I sometimes dabble in wood.
This is a whimsical bench with hand painted
and then hand carved
Trajan letters into wood.
The legs on this piece are buck eye
which I no longer have access to
so if ordered
the legs will be in pine.

• 12 x 32 x 4" in thickness

• Weekly email updates sent.


• 4-6 weeks to complete.

*Due to the complexity and cost of shipping heavy work,

pickup at the studio is an option.

Please email before placing order

and a link to this listing WITHOUT shipping

costs will be emailed to you.


Free delivery within a 100 mile radius of Asheville NC.

Thank you, kindly.

First Star to the Right Bench

SKU: 632835642834572
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