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A hand chiseled slate date stone, slate address stone, or gravestone. An engraved slate, a slate plaque hand chiseled. Personalized datestone.



Numbers in stone
Hand carved.
Slate turns a lovely white
as it is carved.
Hand carved v-incised letters
capturing light and shadow
and your eye.
Very true.
Very relevant.
Dead on.


• This is a listing to COMMISSION/ORDER a datestone or address stone in black slate.

• 7 x 9 x 1" in thickness or  7 x 13 x 1"  (for 5 numerals)

• These are v-incised letters carved the old way with hammer and chisel.

• Please write the numbers desired 
in the "notes" box at check out.


• 4th photo is an example of a round address stone. Round stones are possible and exquisite but are much more labor intensive as I hand shape the stone. Email for details.

• As with all custom orders, the artist
works closely with the client. Weekly
email updates are sent.


• 4 - 5  weeks to complete


• More numbers are possible. Please email or

click/tap on "Ask A Question" buttom in upper right hand


Please note. Every piece of stone is unique!
Like you.
That's what makes it beautiful.


Letters hand carved are very much a lost art.
What one commonly sees today are sandblasted letters 
using mechanical methods(rubber templates and very little time)
They are static and still, and to this artist's way of thinking,
have no soul.

Keeping the letters alive by first painting the letters 
with brush and then carving the letters with hammer and chisel.
No computers.
This is how it was done in Greek and Roman times.
When one visits old graveyards hand carved
v-incised letters can still be seen.

Hand Carved Datestone in Slate, personalized numbers in slate

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