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Buddha frog, a small cast concrete sculpture stone frog for the home or garden.

I grew up with tree frogs
a-sleepin' in the blooms of the flowering
shrubs around our house.
They are patient and wise sentinels.

Title: "Buddha Frog" --Just be.

Medium: Concrete

• This listing is for one Buddha frog
from my garden series.

• Signed on the reverse.

• Concrete for indoors or out of doors.

• Approx. 3 1/2 x 3 1/2"

• I add a green pigment to my mix
along with a patina for the mossy look
I love.

• Hanger on the reverse for wall option.

• Stone Crossing Studio tag/information

Thank you, kindly.

(PS--And yes, he is winking! ;) )

"Buddha Frog" concrete sculpture for the home or garden

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