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A tiny feather hand carved in slate by stonecarver Collene Karcher, to wear or hang. A courage feather

Title : Blueberry Feathers--Courage against all odds.

Medium: Slate

Size: Approx. 1"

Blueberry Feathers were inspired
by a tiny hen named Blueberry, with
whom this stonecarver shares a life.
She is small and round
and her feathers are gray-blue.
Hand carved in slate,
each feather is different as feathers 
should be,
and is signed on the reverse.
Some are teeny.
Some are tiny.

Having survived a terrible hawk attack,
Blueberry is a Hawk Fightin' Hen--her bravery
& strength astonishing.
She is my hero.
A small round Blueberry tag
is attached to each feather explaining
their significance.

Blueberry Feathers represent
courage against terrible odds.

Hang them.
Give them.
Wear them.
Share them!

*Stay strong!!!

--Collene Karcher


Blueberry Feathers handcarved tiny slate feathers

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