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A bee art tile wall hanging for home or garden, a bee sculpture, bee backsplash, a bee plaque.


• Large bumble bee is from my garden series.
It is limited edition,
signed and numbered
on the reverse.

• This piece looks great hanging,
or tiled into a walkway or a kitchen backsplash(fabulous)
or resting in a special niche.

• Concrete for indoors or out of doors.

• Approx.  8  x  8"  

• I add a green pigment to the mix 
for the mossy look I love.

• Steel hanger on the reverse.

• Studio tag/information.

Thank you, kindly.


I've been madly in love with bees since
the late 80's when I had the honor
of keeping a hive.
One of thee most amazing
experiences of my life.

Bumble Bee concrete art tile wall hanging

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