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A concrete bee wall sculpture. A concrete wall hanging with the letter B.



FRAGMEANTS Sometimes Less is Way More

Title: "Bee with B"

Medium: Concrete . Wire . Paint

Size: Approx. 5 x 5 1/2"

Each is signed on the reverse
by the artist.


Wire hanger on reverse.


My Fragmeant series began from
folks visiting the studio and
asking if they could purchase my
broken work or errors.

After a while I thought--Hmmmm.....

So began frag"meants" from my
original garden sculpture series.
Each is different as I am only casting
partials in my original molds.
No two are the same
as I never know what exactly,
will come out of the mold.
Maybe something.
Maybe nothing.
I then stamp with letters,
messages, this and that...

Fragmeants look great by themselves
or grouped together hanging on a wall,
or from pegs.

This listing is for the bee sculpture
with green letter "b's"

Cast white concrete.

FragMEANTS "Bee w/B's" concrete wall sculpture

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