i  n     d  e  p  t  h

Stone is initially ordered from a quarry and shipped to the studio.


Upon arrival, it is cut to size, sanded, and polished.


Lettering is first designed and painted on paper.


Once the design / model is found to be satisfactory I prefer painting the letters free-hand directly onto the stone with brush.

This requires precision, control, and a good knowledge of letter forms and their proportions.

*Drawing the outline of a letter, the use of computers, or transferring via carbon is eliminated.

In Greek & Roman times scribes painted the letters onto stone.

Stonecarvers came behind and cut the letters.

In an effort to keep the letters alive, I paint the letters.


At this point the letters are ready to be carved by hand with hammer and chisel.


In contrast the "stamped" letters commonly seen today are created in a purely mechanical and machined manner using rubber templates, sandblasting and very little time.

They are static and still and to this artist's way of thinking, have no soul.