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    holy caterpillar
Got halos???  ;)

• Link below to my Stone Halo Tile Worx
etsy shop & my bas relief folk art tiles:

It's just easier to order there. You will find all my current tiles and no need to register if not inclined(guest checkout.)

*Also studio pickup is available.
Order at my etsy shop and then simply type "Studio Pickup" in notes box during checkout and I will refund the shipping amount and contact you within a few hours to arrange a date for pickup here at Stone Crossing. :)
Ordering before hand often works better as I don't always have every tile immediately available here at the studio. Some tiles need to be finished and can take a couple days. :)

Or let me ship for you or to you! 

15% to United Poultry Concerns & Mitchell County Animal Rescue(MCAR.) 

Meet the family:
sainted icarus & company
sister wren
sister swallow
buddha bumble bee
brother crow
sister sleeping hummingbird
sister wren w/ sister bee
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