c o l l e n e   k a r c h e r

s t o n e c a r v e r

Collene Karcher

Colleen Karcher

freedom's myth


       Trac Studio Tour

                Fri, Sat, Sun

        December 6th 7th 8th

            Happy Holidays!



            Wine & Whiskers!

      Fundraiser silent art auction 

  for Mitchell County Animal Rescue                 Sat • Nov 9th 3-5 PM

      Trinity Episcopal Church in 

               Spruce Pine NC

   There is nothing more important.

          MAKE A DIFFERENCE!!!

  (click on link above for more info

    and to preview fab art available

      through this special event.)



Handcarved Trajan letters into slate. Image from freedomsmyth.com performance piece/movie.